Our team


graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Poznań
University of Medical Sciences. During her studies she worked as a dental assistant at
Centrum Stomatologii Help (Dental Clinic Help), where while observing the work of many
prominent dentists, she broadened her knowledge about dentistry. She has been
continuously gaining knowledge and improving her qualifications in terms of cardio-vascular
complications and focal infections, resulting from dental infections, focusing mostly on
preventive treatment. At work, professionalism, diligence, reliability and quality are her top
priorities. She has completed courses on esthetic medicine. She is interested in hyaluronic
acid and botulinum toxin treatments. In her free time she develops her cooking passion. She
loves dogs and spends time with them eagerly. She is a fan of traveling, loves new
destinations and local cuisine. She is in love with southern Italy, where every year she
discovers something new.