Price list

The price list for selected services
Dental radiograph
50 PLN
X-ray print
Medical consultation
100 PLN
Local anesthesia
40 PLN
Specialist consultation
200 PLN
100 PLN
Light-cured filling material
220-280 PLN
Pulp devitalization (under anesthesia and RVG image)
280 PLN
Single-rooted canal treatment
390 PLN
Two-rooted canal treatment
500 PLN
Three-rooted canal treatment
620 PLN
Four-rooted canal treatment
700 PLN
Tooth reconstruction
300 PLN
Overlay teeth whitening
800 PLN
Teeth varnishing
100 PLN
Cosmetics and restoration
Light-cured filling material
300 PLN
Porcelain INLAY filling
1100 PLN
Porcelain ONLAY filling
1100 PLN
Light-cured filling material with parapulpal pins
350 PLN
Partial denture
1100 PLN
Full denture
1100 PLN
Skeletal denture
1900 PLN
Porcelain crown
1100 PLN
Denture repairing (for one point)
200 PLN
Crown cementation
250 PLN
Dental surgery
Tooth extraction (under anesthesia and RVG image)
290 PLN
Tooth chiseling (under anesthesia and RVG image)
340 PLN
Wisdom tooth extraction (under anesthesia and RVG image)
440 PLN
Removal of impacted tooth (under anesthesia and RVG image)
740 PLN
Abscess incision (under anesthesia)
280 PLN
Completing tooth extraction (under anesthesia and RVG image)
540 PLN
Minor surgical procedures
200 PLN
50 PLN
280 PLN

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The price list is not an offer as defined by Article 66 Sec. 1 of the Civil Code and is published only for information purposes. The above prices may be subject to change. We reserve the right to make changes.

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