In our clinic we offer you two effective methods of teeth whitening:


It is a modern and absolutely safe method of teeth whitening which brings about immediate results. The whole procedure is performed in the dental office and lasts about one hour. The whitening session consists of a few light exposures. After the procedure is complete and all protective preparations are removed, the teeth are ideally white.


The procedure starts with an appointment at a dentist’s who checks the condition of teeth and qualifies a patient to the further stage. Impressions are made and a prosthodontist makes special trays. The patient receives a special whitening gel which is applied at home. After one week the check-up visit takes place. If the color of the teeth is proper, the whitening process is complete. However, if the patient is not satisfied with the results, the cycle needs to be repeated.

IMPORTANT: The whitening gel does not whiten porcelain, composites and other restorative materials. Before whitening, it is recommended to remove tartar.